Press release 7th Dec: Independent Preliminary Examination: Top Shell bosses and Dutch Minister to be investigated for Climate Ecocide “the missing International Crime of our Time”
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Press release 7th Dec: Vanuatu Ambassador supports call for Climate Ecocide English

Press release 10th Dec: Hague Talks: British Barrister calls for new Criminal Law to protect People and Planet English Español

Preliminary report: Pacific Ocean video evidence file transcript


Climate Ecocide Independent Preliminary Examination is a collaboration between Ecological Defence Integrity and INTERPRT.

Polly Higgins, international ecocide law expert, is a founding director of Ecological Defence Integrity, providing support & legal expertise to climate vulnerable States. Her first book, Eradicating Ecocide, won the Peoples Book Prize in 2011 (updated 2nd edition, September 2015). VPRO’s documentary, Advocate for the Earth, featured the work of Ms Higgins. The official information portal for ecocide crime is

INTERPRT investigates ecocide and contemporary environmental crimes using transdisciplinary research, architectural methodologies and spatial analysis. The project’s current activities report on conflicts in the ecological and climate change frontiers of the Pacific Region. We produce research outputs in the form of counter maps, satellite imagery analysis and visualizations as open source, digital evidence. Our work actively supports the campaign for the creation of ecocide as a new international crime to protect the Earth. INTERPRT is supported by TBA21–Academy.